DTT Cluster aims to bring together actors of the technical textile value chain and empower competitiveness of the province in technical textiles through increasing number of companies transforming their skills, technology, and businesses from conventional textiles to technical textiles. Cluster activities has been managed and coordinated by Denizli Chamber of Commerce through a dedicated Cluster Management Team.

Geographical scope of the cluster is at province level as of May 2022 and is aimed to be increased in the following years.

Establishment of Denizli Technical Textile Cluster goes back to design and development of the Project. Studies have been started in 2020 in Denizli under the leadership of Denizli Chamber of Commerce.  Including the Project itself and based of strong presence of home textiles manufacturing competence of Denizli, Technical Textile Cluster as a Cluster Initiative has been established.

There are more than 700 textile manufacturing companies in Denizli. In terms of close work and cooperation, Denizli Technical Textile Cluster is composed relatively small group of companies paid interest on transformation and change to technical textiles. Currently cluster has 106 members in total.  Cluster Management is under the umbrella of Denizli Chamber of Commerce.



Our Mission is to create a synergy that will allow the conversion of technical textile manufacturing high value-added textile sector in Denizli providing one of Turkey’s traditionally strong manufacturing city in textile products


Our vision to be one of the main players in the world technical textile market with the production of high value added and innovative products in our region.


Increasing the competitive position of the Textile Sector by upgrading the value creating companies in the cluster,

Promoting and Internationalization of SMEs

Strengthening the economic power of Denizli,

Fostering collaboration and cooperation between companies and cluster agents to achieve all results that can have positive effects for them in particular and for the textile sector in general.

Promoting the participation and the collaboration of SMEs in all the previous actions and coordinating their development.

Acting as a dynamizing agent who catalyze innovation and cooperation process in companies and institutions of the cluster.